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Pedro Goya
Love Translated In Waveforms
Troia Recordings
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DJ/Producer & Audio/Mastering Engineer, Pedro Goya soon became a reference in the electronic music spectrum in Portugal. With two solo albums released and more than 18 single Ep’s released on vinyl, Pedro’s now one of the most respected producers in the underground scene. With House and Techno styles as its key production work, we can find his previous releases on such labels as Classic Music Company (Derrick Carter), Music For Freaks (Luke Solomon & Freaks), Brique Rouge, Exun, Kaato Music or OM (Mark Farina).

Timeless references as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder and Stevie Wonder, are a huge influence in everything he produces today.

As a DJ, played at numerous clubs, including the Watergate (Berlin), Moog, Fellini, and Mondo (Barcelona), Sasse (Vienna), Propaganda and Shanti (Moscow), Prozak (Warsaw), Silo (Leuven, Belgium), Hospital (Khabarovsk, Far East Russia) and Dive (Tokyo, Japan).In Portugal clubs as Alcantara-Mar (Lisbon), Maus Hábitos (OPorto), Anti-Pop Music Festival (Viana do Castelo), Lisbon Parade, Capitulo V, Kadoc (Albufeira), Op Art, Paradise Garage and Europa (Lisbon), Maré Alta (Porto), Vinyl and Via Latina (Coimbra), Marginal (Funchal), Mecca and Clubíssimo (Setúbal), among others.

In 2007 he launched Troia Recordings. With a catalog mostly comprised from “unknown” artists, the record label became the happy result of his research for new talents in electronic music.

Currently Troia Recordings is a record label with a defined musical route, having releases on vinyl and digital format.

At the age of 27 and more than a decade connected to electronic music, Pedro’s leaving no room for doubts. Music’s his translated passion in waveforms and an unavoidable name in the Electronic Music Scene.

DJ e produtor, Pedro Goya estabeleceu-se firmemente no panorama nacional da música electrónica.

Na música, declara como grandes influências Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder e Giorgio Moroder, mas o House e o Techno, amores que se tornariam os de sempre, viriam mais tarde por acréscimo, em contactos iniciais com uma "scene" portuguesa que fervilhava nos loucos anos 90.

DJ desde 1997, nunca se contentou apenas em tocar os discos dos outros e as primeiras experiências com a expressão das intenções musicais rapidamente deram lugar a edições em algumas das mais respeitadas editoras mundiais, como a Classic Music Company (de Derrick Carter), Music For Freaks, Brique Rouge, Exun ou OM (de Mark Farina).

Mais tarde, com vista a editar maioritariamente artistas nacionais de qualidade, criou a Troia Recordings, editora em formato físico e digital, entretanto extinta para dar lugar a novos projectos em 2014.

Seja no estúdio ou atrás dos pratos, Pedro Goya continua a dar cartas, com a segurança que o futuro apenas guarda evolução assente num perfeccionismo que é quase obsessão. Das boas.

- Principais Editoras -

  • Classic Music Company
  • Music For Freaks
  • Brique Rouge
  • OM
  • Exun
  • Troia
  • Aroma / AJ Belgium
  • Kaato

- Principais Actuações (Clubes Internacionais) -

  • Propaganda (Moscovo, Rússia)
  • Shanti (Moscovo, Rússia)
  • Hospital (Khabarovsk, Rússia)
  • Dive (Yushno-Shakalinsk, Rússia)
  • Labirynth Music Festival (Tokyo, Japão)
  • Watergate (Berlin, Alemanha)
  • Moog (Barcelona, Espanha)
  • Fellini (Barcelona, Espanha)
  • Sasse (Viena, Áustria)
  • Prozak (Varsóvia, Polónia)
  • Floor (Cracóvia, Polónia)
  • Silo (Leuven, Bélgica)
  • Café D'Anvers (Bruxelas, Bélgica)

- Principais Actuações (Clubes Nacionais) -

  • Paradise Garage - After Hours (Lisboa)
  • Europa / Europa Sunrise (Lisboa)
  • Opart (Lisboa)
  • Lisboa Parade (Lisboa)
  • Maus Habitos (Porto)
  • Maré Alta - After Hours (Porto)
  • Anti-Pop Music Festival - 1ª Edição (Viana Castelo)
  • Plastic (Póvoa Varzim)
  • NB (Viseu)
  • Alcântara-Mar (Lisboa)
  • Capitulo V (Albufeira)
  • Kadoc (Albufeira)
  • Bergantim (Figueira da Foz)
  • Vinyl (Coimbra)
  • Via Latina (Coimbra)
  • Marginal (Funchal)
  • Molhe (Funchal)
  • Clubissimo (Setúbal)
  • Mecca (Setúbal)
  • ADN (Setúbal)

12's" / Digital & Remixes

  • Freaky Mike - EXUN RECORDINGS - GER - 2003
  • Troia / Bowie - BRIQUE ROUGE - FRA - 2004
  • 37 - CLASSIC MUSIC COMPANY - U.S.A - 2005
  • Metropolis (Inc. Rob Mello Remix) - MUSIC FOR FREAKS - UK - 2005
  • Remix for - Dj Mes - Lie Detector Blues - AROMA / AJ - BEL - 2005
  • Remix for - Brett Johnson & Dave Barker - Where Are u From? - BRIQUE ROUGE - FRA - 2006
  • Setúbal - THRASHER HOME MUSIC - SPA - 2006
  • 37 (Re-Issue) - OM MUSIC - U.S.A - 2006
  • Computer Gamez (Feat. Rob David) - PE! MUSIC - POL - 2006
  • Polyana - PISTON RECORDINGS - POR - 2008
  • Matrioska - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2008
  • Word Clock - MOMA - POR - 2009
  • Remix for - Nonas - Kaskade - PACEMAKER - POR - 2009
  • Made To Measure (ALBUM) - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2009
  • Meltdown - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2010
  • Shed - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2010
  • Movida - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2010
  • Selection One (ALBUM) - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2010
  • If We Make Noises This Could be Intense (Incl. Chris Simmonds & Alkalino Remixes) - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2010
  • Margarida - TROIA LIMITED RECORDINGS 01 - POR - 2011
  • Rawlette - KAATO MUSIC - GER - 2011
  • Omlet Bandlet - TROIA RECORDINGS - POR - 2012
  • Shallow / Rawlette - TROIA PHONOGRAPH - POR - 2013

Licensed to

  • Derrick Carter - Sessions (MINISTRY OF SOUND)
  • Dj Sneak - Sessions (MINISTRY OF SOUND)
  • Derrick Carter & Mark Farina - Live At Om (OM MUSIC)
  • Dj Colette - House Of Om (OM MUSIC)
  • Lx Sabor (AROMA MUSIC)
  • Spot On Ibiza - The Cill Out Guide Vol.2 (AUDIO LOTION GERMANY)

Pedro Goya's Online Catalog

Word And Sound / WhatPeoplePlay


For remixes send e-mail to


For Vinyl & Digital Formats Mastering send e-mail to
  • 24 BITS
  • 48.000 Khz
  • - 4 or 6 Dbs
  • 24 BITS
  • 44.100 Khz
  • - 4 or 6 Dbs
  • 16 BITS
  • 44.100 Khz
  • - 4 or 6 Dbs
"Mastering is not about limiting and gaining volume on the music, it's all about depth and vision" - Pedro Goya

Pedro Goya Mastering - Audio Example (Wav Format)
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Mastering Gear List

Solid State Logic Mynx Console - Stereo Equalizer 500 Module
Solid State Logic Equalizers - G & E Modules
Thermionic Culture Vulture - Stereo Valve Distortion / Compressor Unit
API 2500 Compressor
Focusrite Liquid Mix 32 DSP - Equalizer / Compressor Emulator
Sherman Productions Filterbank 2
UAD 2 Satellite
FabFilter Pro-L
RME Fireface 400 Soundcard
Focal Solo 6 Be - Main Monitor System
Avantone Mixcubes - Grot Box - Auratone Clones - Second Monitoring System


Troia Recordings is a Portuguese Vinyl/Digital Electronic Music Label based in Lisbon, runned by Pedro Goya.

Troia does not follow any Electronic sub-genre style, and is careless if your music is lookalike Minus, Cocoon, Get Physical or whatsoever Major Labels are releasing at this time.

It's irrelevant if your music was made with latest Ableton Live upgrade, Pro Tools, Logic Pro or an old Amiga Computer. We also don't care if your latest tunes where played & charted on Beatport by all top notch Djs.

We sincerely don't give a f%* about that as an artist/musician platform.

What we ask you for is music, as more misunderstood you might think it is. Wheater you're a superstar dj or not, you'll have the same treatment and respect.

We're here as one. Music as an all.

Troia Recordings is digitally distributed by Bonzai (Belgium)

Troia Recordings | Limited is physically distributed by Straight (Germany) & manufactured at HandleWithCare (Germany)


Pedro Goya - Label Manager
Alex Agore
Chris Simmonds
Dollar Mambo
Mark & Stevens
Hector Villanueva
Pedro Zoy
Vincent Inc.


Demo Submission

Please upload your Demo or Promo file in the following formats: MP3 (minimum 320 Kbps) | WAV | AIF

Due to the large amounts of demos we receive weekly, we do not promise to answer you back, although, we PROMISE we'll take a listen to your music.

Leave your contact details in the file so we can get back to you in case we want your music for the label. We're very open minded...but please don't send us Euro-Dance, Trance stuff and "Crazy Frog" kind of bullshit.

If you wish to send demo music, please feel free:

Pedro Goya

Troia Recordings (Digital) | Troia Limited (12") (Label Manager)

Audio Engineer / Producer/ DJ


+ 351 96 618 02 97 (GMT +1 Lisbon, Portugal) - Booking Manager - Miguel Neto

pedrogoya (please write your contact purpose when adding the contact)